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What is Snow Office

Snowoffice GmbH is a small company that specializes in the special needs of small and medium-sized companies. We offer tailor-made solutions in the IT environment for you and your customers. We show solutions on how to make business processes most efficient. We also use branded hardware. You will have a contact person for all your projects. This means that we have better communication. Our motivated team is always state of the art. Your investment is not just now it is rather a solution for your future. With our products you have the latest technology! It is easier to build on a stable foundation, which is why we are the best partner for your future projects. We implement everything quickly and efficiently! Try us! We look forward to your inquiry.

Our Vision

The digital world is constantly changing and what works today cannot work optimally tomorrow. We take care of your IT and are sure that it is more important than ever to establish a secure IT infrastructure. Customer data is the new crude oil from which future millionaires will draw their wealth. Secure your data against unauthorized access. Your advantages with us

Our Team

Great, someone else does it! does not apply to us! We stand by our tasks and every team member is a full part of the whole. Teamwork is highly valued and our satisfied employees are the engine that drives the Snowoffice brand.

Start Improving Your Business Today!

Snowoffice GmbH is concerned about your data security. We operate worldwide and have several years of experience.

Our quality standards:

  • The customer gets the best and most modern software at a fair price.
  • We take trust very seriously, your data is safe with us!
  • Security is an important asset and we help you achieve the highest standards.
  • Responsibility: We guarantee that our software will be supported by us for a long time.
  • We are almost always available and work tirelessly for you.

The commitment to perfection

Snowoffice GmbH produces "All in One" products for you. A reception without employees is no longer a utopia. Imagine a computer system taking control of reception after midnight? Would that be something for you? Then contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Our passion for new things!

Regardless of the requests, we are working on new projects. We give young "IT pros" the opportunity to learn with us. We employ professionals with many years of experience who are happy to pass on their knowledge to the next generation

We want everyone to be a winner!

We help you to optimize your work process. So that you have more time for important things. By automating work processes, you can deploy employees more efficiently and thus optimize all processes.

About CEO & Founder

Vernes Mulahuseinovic, the founder of Snowoffice, came to Austria in 1991 with an empty suitcase and full of hope. He started to work in the hotel and restaurant industry. He was able to gain a lot of experience. His love of IT helped him to find many solutions for companies in his career. He also worked for several years as a serving and IT teacher in the tourism schools in Bischofshofen and Bad Hofgastein. He finished college of education and has been working as an educator ever since.

He started his own business in 1998 and worked as a freelance IT trainer in many AMS measures. He also did training in website development, Photoshop and programming basics. In 2015 he founded Snowoffice OG and then GmbH. In the first place, the support of the companies with EDP was in the foreground. After a while the radius was expanded and you started to develop programs yourself.

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