Invoice Generating Software

Write a simple and uncomplicated invoice with ICASHINVOICE. Developed to support small and medium-sized companies in their development.


Simplify your everyday work with ICASHINVOICE. It is a tool to make your financial tasks easier. It takes care of all of your bookkeeping activities, right from invoice generation to receiving payments. The main advantage of using invoicing software is that it eliminates all your manual data entry work and automates all your repetitive works and ensures accuracy in your accounting figures.

Advantages of ICASH


The Dashborad offers you a complete overview with statistics and shortcuts that enable you to quickly and easily select or optimize selected functions.


Divide your products or services into categories and subcategories. This gives you a better overview of your offers and makes them work more efficiently.


Allow employees from different areas of your company to access Icash, thereby improving collaboration and increasing productivity in your company.


Write offers quickly and easily for new or existing customers.


Customize the design of your invoices and offers.

Track your estimates

Our graphs of your "expectations" help you to keep an eye on your plans and determine changes.

To draw up the invoices? It's child's play with iCash.

  • Automate payment reminders and accept payments faster than ever before.
  • Customize the design of your invoices and offers
  • Send your invoice by post
  • Set up bills in the autopilot
  • Simply print and share the invoice

Real-time Reports available anytime, anywhere!

  • Quick and easy online bill payments
  • Receive payments automatically online
  • Send friendly payment reminders
  • Refund payments
  • Run online payment reports
  • Simple estimates with professional looking graphics

Professional quotes with iCashInvoice

  • Quotations for your customers
  • Easily convert offers into invoices
  • Offers you an archive where all the quotations are stored and are waiting to be sent to your customers in the form of invoices

Stay on top of things with iCash

  • Create a profile for the various partners of your company
  • If you have received a new invoice, have it managed by Icash
  • On request, Icash shows you the delivery costs incurred, both in the monthly and in the annual view

Let Icash do the searching

  • Create different categories for your reimbursable costs and let Icash help you manage them
  • Of course, Icash also provides you with an overall overview.

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