Online Food Ordering Solution

A regional online department store with a free shop for local companies. Digital solution suitable for markets & restaurants businesses.


We are - Pinzgauer First Digital Market. The first Pinzgauer online Shop store with a free shop for retailers is being built here. The online Shop store was developed by Snowoffice GmbH Zell am See. With, we want to give small and family businesses from the region the opportunity to sell their products to as many people as possible.

Food Ordering System

The aim is to offer a regional department store with a free shop for local companies. Each store can post up to 10 items for free.

The Shop has a payment system from Hobex and a delivery app that you can use if you offer a delivery service. A separate contract with Hobex is required for the Hobex payment method. You can get special conditions from us at Hobex.

With, they become part of a new project to support local companies. With this community, you can reach a lot more people and the advertising budget will be much higher than what you would invest yourself.

Integrated payment system from Hobex to process all payments securely online.


  • The focus of is currently on purchasing - here numerous products from more than 100 different small and family businesses are bundled in our logistics center and then shipped by us in a package.
  • We take a very close look at the producers from's purchasing department and visit them at the shop to ensure that they meet our convictions and criteria.
  • On the one hand, we pay particular attention to the regionality, seasonality and sustainability of the products, but also to the production method in best quality.
  • When it comes to the regionality of food and ingredients, we follow the principle - as close as possible, as far as necessary! Because good food is obvious.


With, a new era for regional shop starts. We therefore went online with a as a platform for regional shops. wants to create sustainable and holistic solutions for the goods supply, resulting from the desire to put quality and regionality in the foreground and to rethink existing trade structures. forms the essential basis for a local, diverse and solidly networked system and thus strengthens regional cycles. At, the aim is to create new access to regional products, which, in addition to the classic supermarket structures, monocultures and own brands, directly connects producers and customers.

In addition, also builds up individual purchasing at several companies and thus takes the next step towards CO2-saving last-mile logistics for Pinzgau Area.


Vernes Mulahuseinovic is the founder and managing director of He comes from Zell am See grew up with direct contact to Hospitality Industry. His Master Degree in Gastrosophy he will receive within next few Weeks. He is a passionate cook, persistent pioneer and convinced optimist. But these qualities are also reflected professionally. Because with passion, brain fat & gut feeling he now leads a team of more than 8 people, as well as numerous helpers, to all of World.

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