Students Management Software

Improving the experience of booking students accommodation. Facility management software with primary focus on students accommodation.


Are you facing crisis in managing your students accommodation? Are you hoping for a better solution to manage your students at one place? Worry no more! We have a solution for you.
Without Greenbean - students have to wait up for many days to find out if you can offer them an accommodation. Your staff have to spend a lot of their time to process students applications manually.
With Greenbean - You get easy and flexible solution to manage your students at one place. Greenbean for students, Greenbean for teachers. We give you a self service system where a student can choose and book their accommodation type in prior without any hassles

  • Students Restaurant Access Management:
    External Students can book meals for Days. Our System with RFID Chip System will check if Student paid for this Day the meal and give green Light if he paid the meal for this Day.

  • Teacher Restaurant Access Management:
    Teachers are able to book Meals for some Days and they receive this credits on their RFID Chip, so every time they come to eat one credit will be taken form the Meal amount.

  • Attendance in the dining room
    During Mealtimes, we can check if all Students are in Restaurant during Mealtime.

  • Database:
    In our Database we store lot of Details about our Students, so it is very easy to work in Students Homes because you have full control and in emergency you have all details near to you. Or Database is very secure and crypted: Details we save: Student data, Warnings, Room management, File entries, Home trip

  • Points system:
    In our Software we made unique Point System, so if the discipline of a Student is not like it should be we have possibilities to write about his behaviours and once we contact the Parents we have all details stored from all Pedagogues. If Points go to zero our System send automatically warning to Student and Parents by E-Mail. If Students don’t loose Points during Week we have also positive amplifiers so they receive some special Rewards or Vouchers.

  • Control daily schedule
    We see all the time the real amount of our Students in House

  • Attendance checkin & checkout:
    Live Attendance check, all the Time we know 100% how many Students we have in House.

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