Ski School Management System

Are you a Ski School tired of scheduling all your lessons manually on call or via messages? Worry no more. We will take care of the management of your business whether you are a Ski School or an individual instructor.


Yes, you heard it right! We provide you a digital solution to operate your Ski School online. All your lessons will be booked directly from your website. With Snow Office, you will run your Ski School Business ridiculously easily. You will experience greater flexibility in both your sales & your operations. Snow Office's Ski School Management Solution assists ski schools sized from a half dozen instructors to hundreds of instructors.

When you run a Ski School, you might find it challenging to manage your clients and your school manually. In peak seasons, it often becomes more challenging to handle all your customers and because of that you consistently face losing of customers to your rivals. That could have negative impact on your business. To avoid all these, you should try ski school software.

Run your business efficiently

Control your bookings, activities and the planning of your staff. Easily access and consult your ski school’s data and customers' queries.

Manage all your payments

Easily integrate your payment gateway, know whether your bookings are paid, mode of payments, previous transactions and sort them.

Save Time & Money

Automate all your processes with instructors, manage staff salaries, Customers' database, booking discounts all from one software.

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